Partner with Keen: Medicare Expertise Aligned to Your Practice

Let's help more patients, together.

Every patient deserves unbiased health insurance education, guidance, and support. Let’s partner to deliver trusted Medicare expertise to your patients!

Keen Can Help Your Practice:

Keen helps you shield your patients from overwhelming Medicare marketing. We are provider-focused Medicare experts on a mission to put your patients first.

Empower Patients with Informed Plan Choices

Keen provides clear, concise information to help patients make informed choices from a wide range of options.

Secure Patient Loyalty and In-Network Retention

We honor your patient's interest in staying in-network with your practice and downstream specialist.

Provide Comprehensive, Coordinated Care

By solving barriers such as transportation, we ensure that patients can access your services seamlessly. Keen enhances patient well-being and contributes to a holistic healthcare model.

Support Clinic Staff and Reduce Staff Workload

Partnering with us means minimizing time spent by practice staff in helping patients navigate their insurance options.

Break Down Cost Barriers for Seamless Care

We help patients identify and use supplemental benefits which improve care access and increase health, in turn lowering claims costs and increasing shared savings.

Promote and Drive Medication Adherence

Keen can assist with medicare adherence by helping your patients take advantage of their mail order pharmacy benefits.

Keen Can Help Your Patients

Become a Keen Partner to ensure your patients stay informed of any and all changes to their Medicare plan benefits and coverage. Keen is an all-in-one insurance resource, at NO COST to you or your patients.

"Keen helped me keep my doctor and stay in network"

"Keen helped me understand my plan's costs and benefits"

"Keen helps me see if there are plan options with more cost savings"

Broad Patient Expertise:

  • All Medicare Coverage Types (Medigap, Advantage, & Prescription Drug Plans)
  • Patients Turning 65
  • Medicare/ Medicaid Dual Eligible
  • Patients with Chronic Conditions
  • Patients with LIS / Extra Help

Keen's Range of Aligned Services:

  • Annual Wellness Visit Scheduling
  • Annual Enrollment Support
  • D-SNP & C-SNP Enrollment
  • Supplemental Benefits Enrollment
  • Improving Care Affordability

Together, We Can Simplify The World Of Health Insurance For Your Patients

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