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"Estela has been a tremendous help to both my father and me. As my father is the first in his family to receive Medicare benefits, we were uncertain where to begin. However, Estela has provided us with excellent assistance. I highly recommend your company."



"...If I have questions, I call her. She gives me an answer the same day, which is very rare, so she's really good with that. Whenever I have any problem that I come up with, she’s there to solve them. Like a couple days ago, I called her for my dental, she explained it, she gave me doctor names, she gave me the address, she gave me phone numbers, so... that's really nice of her. When I come across something that I have with the doctor and I don't understand it, I just call her."



"She made everything so easy. I had no idea of what to do, how to get started, nothing. She went step by step and worked with us and it worked out. I really enjoyed working with her; her enthusiasm, her readiness to do anything she needed to. She spent so much time on our part that it's unbelievable how much time she's put in to help us. I'm really thankful I contacted Keen."



"It was good, very good. She was very helpful. She was very pleasant, gave me options and explained everything, and did a lot of research for me to figure out what were the best options were for my godmother. I was able to switch plans to something that's more cost effective for her, so that was very helpful. And I can use her [Keen Advisor] as a contact for myself in the future."



"...She was able to help me navigate a lot of these choices so I didn’t have to, it felt like there was some guidance there. So she wasn't just giving me options, she was giving me a little bit of insight into what she thought might work best for me, which I really appreciated.
She actually completed some forms for me. She was just very helpful and helping me get online with things and helping me get my passwords set up. And so all around I had a lot of trust in her and she was very pleasant. It made the experience, I was really dreading it, and she really made it very positive."



“She’s very accommodating and really easy to work with. She wasn't pushy at all and she accommodated to my schedule and was willing to talk to me when I could talk and it was really an easy transaction.
I knew a little bit about it because my wife had gone through it before me. But I didn't know much about it so I knew who the best players were, who the best insurance companies were and so then I had to find the one that fit me the best. And Tyesha was really really helpful there.”



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